About A-Lyssa


Hey guys! nice to meet ya'll! let me tell you a little about myself! I am 23 years old. i Live and work in kalamazoo, MI. Work at elina organics as an esthetician. obsessed with beauty, skin, and fashion. Engaged and in love with a boy named RYan Krill. sorta introverted, sorta not. i'm a foodie. Love craft beer. I like to travel, shop, and hang with my family and friends. i'm a pretty simple girl who loves to write and take pictures of my outfits. 








My style: always changing, usually however i feel that morning but simple and kind of "street chic", I love to be comfy & cute at the same time 

My fav bloggers: Something navy, Lemon blonde, rocky barnes, alex garza, mallory ervin, NOtanotherblonde, madisadrinelson and karlierae!