THIRDLOVE BRA REVIEW 

As women we need to love and take care of our tatas. So finding the right bra is VERY important. Ever since I started wearing bras I could never find one that I loved. The fit was wrong, the straps would dig in or fall off, or it would be so uncomfortable that I would dread putting it on in the morning. 

SO, when I kept hearing about this "Thirdlove" brand I had to do my research and see if I should try it for myself! After reading lots of reviews and finding that you can try a bra FOR FREE for 30 days (tags and wash) I had nothing to lose. I started by using the "fit finder," this asks you a number of questions to help you find YOUR perfect fit! I was shocked by the size they said I was, I had been wearing a 34D and they told me to purchase a 36B 1/2. YES THEY HAVE HALF SIZES! I thought I would just trust the process so I ordered that size in their most popular bra (the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra.) That bra will put you back 68$ but let me tell you guys, it's SO worth it.  


I received the bra in the cutest packaging and I couldn't wait to try it on and see how the fit was! It fit like a glove! I adjusted the straps to what felt right for me and went on for the rest of the day! I was most interested to see if I would get those bra "lines" through my shirt. NOPE. Perfectly seamless and looks good with ANY top. Next, the two things they swear by is that "it is so comfy you could sleep in it, Hence the (24/7), and the straps will NOT fall down." They were right, it is super comfy I barely even felt like I had a bra on and that is rare for me. I wouldn't sleep in it but it is definitely really comfortable for a bra. As for the straps, I did have a little falling in the beginning but I readjusted the straps and it was all good! So far so good! Now came the washing, I wanted to wash it before my 30 days were up to see if I would get those "lines" and see how well the bra held up after washing. I am now writing this 8 months after owning my Thirdlove bra and I can say it's the best bra I've ever owned. I wear it almost every day with all kinds of different tops! 

The price is a little steep, the most I had ever spent on a bra was $30, but remember your "girls" are important so you can splurge a little! Trust me, your $68 will be well spent! I am still so happy with mine but my next purchase would have to be a wireless 24/7 bra so I can have both! 

I hope this review helps anyone who has been looking for a better bra or interested in trying Thirdlove! Like I said, you get a 30 day trial so WHY NOT! 

Feel free to comment below with any questions or contact me through insta or on the blog!          

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Happy Shopping! 



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