Who else feels like they need a whole new wardrobe whenever they travel? Probably not a lot of you but we all know I have a clothing obsession LOL. 

I am currently visiting my Fiancé Ryan in Tampa, FL for spring training. Normally when I visit it is super hot so I bought more springy/summer items for this trip! I'm always trying to find affordable/classic pieces that I can wear throughout the rest of Spring and Summer in Michigan when I'm shopping for my trips. 

Now, I didn't actually buy a whole new wardrobe fo this trip. I had some of these items already (I linked these exact items or similar pieces below). However, I did add some fun trendy pieces! All affordable options of course since this girl is on a BUDGET. 

The weather was a little cooler here in Tampa so I had to pair things a little differently than expected but I still wanted to share the items I brought since Spring is (hopefully) around the corner and I want you guys to SHOP! 

What to Bring?

I always say pack accordingly to what your trip is for. I obviously packed for a pretty casual low-key baseball watching trip with a few cute options for dinners out! 

Pack pieces that can be versatile and not to high maintenance. I packed a lot of cute tees and jeans/shorts with a couple comfortable dresses. I am also really into a simple outfit with a "pop" such as a neck scarf or super cute shoes. 

For your skin always pack a face mask. My hydrating coconut water masked saved my unexpected dry skin this week! I've linked a few below but they are everywhere. (I got mine in the checkout lane at old navy) Pack one that will help YOUR skin. Or, a few different ones incase your skin surprises you! 

I won't tell you not to over-pack because I'm a strong believer in over-packing. You never know what you might need and its better to be safe than sorry when it comes to clothing! I hate getting to my destination and not having options or the right clothing for the weather or occasion! 

I hope this helps to anyone traveling in the near future or for the people that are just looking for a few new things for spring time! 



Some sunnies I packed! 

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