The raw-hem jean look is SO on trend right now and I have purchased a few pairs and love them but I thought to myself "the whole point of these jeans are the raw, uneven, distressed look" so why can't I do that myself? the jeans I already have in my closet! 

So, I did! I first did a raw hem on a beloved pair of jeans I already owned but I wanted to try an uneven raw hem! So, I went to Plato's Closet and bought myself the cutest pair of jeans for only $10 to cut up myself! And I figured if I mess up I'm only $10 out! 

Whether you have jeans you want to re-vamp or you want to go thrifting for the perfect jeans to make one-of-a-kind this is how you do it!! 

What you'll need:

  • pair of jeans 
  • scissors
  • pen
  • sharp knife or box cutter 
  • seam ripper if you're fancy like that (optional)
  • needle (optional)  

-WARNING- there are sharp objects used so PLEASE be careful!! 

So, the jeans I got from Plato's already had a raw hem so I didn't do anything to the "back side" hem of the jeans. 

BUT, you'll probably want that raw hem look to match the front so cut the FULL bottoms of jeans off at the length you want in the back and then proceed to the steps below to do the "uneven" look! 

Step 1. 

Try your jeans on and roughly measure where you want your hem to be (where you will cut your jeans) I measured mine slightly above my ankle. Then you will want to mark with your pen. Don't get too caught up in making sure its the exact same on both legs. I just folded mine over and marked where the other one was! 

( the whole point of these jeans are a not-so- perfect, distressed look) so don't stress yourself out! You really cannot mess up! YAY

Step 2.

Roll the cuff of your jeans so the seam on the inside is exposed, gently disconnect the first stitch with your knife or box cutter so that you are able to cut along the seam. Once you do that start cutting up along the seam with your scissors or box cutter. I used a box cutter but I think scissors would work just fine!! Honestly, the box cutter was a little scary and I'm surprised I still have all fingers haha. 

..... repeat this step on other side/seam and also repeat on other leg. 

Step 3. 

Once you have cut along both seams on both legs you will have a "flap" like shown in the pic above! When you have that flap continue to cut that flap off in a straight line (unless you want one side higher than the other.) 

Step 4. 

OK! You've done the scary part! YAY! Now you get to just frill the hem and make it look "worn in."

There are a couple ways you can fringe the hem. 

  • the easiest is simply wash them! Washing them will distress the hem and give them that "fuzzy" look.
  • you can take a needle and pull through threads to give more of a distressed look! (pic below)
  • last, I would highly recommend taking your sharp knife (being VERY careful) and grabbing your hem and dragging your knife across! - you'll get the hang of it!

The more you wash the more "worn in" your jeans will look! 


This only took me tops 15 minutes and now I have trendy designer looking jeans for 10 DOLLA! You can't beat that guys!!! 

** IF you want to just do the raw hem look without having the hem higher in the front just simply cut the full bottom of the jeans off at the length you desire and continue with STEP 4 to make them more fringy and "raw" looking!** (the pics above are jeans I just did the raw hem look!) 

P.S.. if anyone has ANY questions please feel free to ask! message me! also if you think it would be easier to actually (see) me do anything let me know and I can video whatever you guys need! 

Happy DIY'ing!!



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