Spring jackets are a must-have in whatever state you live in! If you are a Michigander like me then you can wear your spring jackets for a good 2 months and even in to summer nights and fall days! If you are lucky enough to live in a warmer state, then you can never have too many light weight jackets for spring, fall, AND winter! 

I like to pick a jacket that is more of a neutral color that will go over anything! That way I can throw it over whatever top I have on and it still looks great! 


Above are some of my favorites finds from Old Navy, perfect neutral colors!

(I loved the ones on the far left and far right, still deciding which one I want to add to my wardrobe!) 

*pro tip: whenever I shop at Old Navy I check out the deals online before I checkout because USUALLY they always have 40% off your purchase and most of the time is a better deal than buying in the store! (these jackets were all cheaper online then in the store!) 

*along with that pro tip... make sure they have your size online! The jacket pictured on the right is almost sold out online so I will more than likely go to my local store and purchase it before it sells out everywhere! 

I love all these adorable options at Target! 

I went home with the cropped black denim jacket! I love how I can still wear it with jeans and not have to worry about the Canadian tuxedo look! 

Some more fun options! For spring I love the muted pinks, utility greens, and denim jackets! 

First off,  SHOUTOUT to my precious fiancé for being such a good supporter and shopper! We have been searching for the perfect spring jacket for him that will go with everything and I think we have finally found one! He liked the charcoal grey bomber jacket (farthest right) the best! 

I love all these options for you guys! Along with the girls, I still love the neutral colors to pair with everything! I did include some fun pop of colors with the bold mustard and royal blue HUNTER jackets at Target! 


I hope if you were on the hunt for a light jacket to have in your closet throughout the year that you can find at least one here!! 




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