So we all want to be Tan Goddesses am I right?


Well I think I am right.. But being tan can be tricky. We all feel better about ourselves with a little glow but getting a tan "naturally" can be dangerous and lead to wrinkles, sun spots, or the worst... SKIN CANCER! Along with the dangers of laying out in the sun or tanning beds, it is time consuming. No one has time to layout for hours and if you do I'm jealous and hope you are wearing tons of sunscreen! ;)

I actually used to work at a tanning salon back in the day and was tan 24/7. Now, ironically I am an Esthetician and my whole work revolves around skin and protecting it. So tanning is a BIG no no. 

A few years ago I ventured into the "fake" tanner products. I did tons of research and tried a handful of different methods and brands to find my favorite. I had a few I liked but there was always something I didn't like; the application process, the gross odor, the color. I ended up wishing I could take bits and pieces of each one and mush them together! 

As I continued using different self tanners I thought to myself I wonder if the ingredients in these products are good for my skin? Working for a Organic Skincare company I have programmed my mind to question anything that I put on my skin. As I started reading ingredients they honestly weren't the best so I began my journey to find the perfect organic self tanner that actually WORKED!


And ladies, I FOUND ONE! 

The brand is Beauty by Earth. It is a totally organic self tanner that truly does work! They were kind enough to send me a full sized self tanner, application mitt, AND exfoliator mitt! I wanted to try it a few times to see how I liked it before I gave you guys my honest review! 


MY REVIEW: So, the self tanner is a lotion based product that is white/clear when you apply and produces the perfect tan after leaving it on for a few hours! I usually apply mine before bed and just sleep in it and shower in the morning! Anyway, when I first used it I was a little nervous with it being clear because I didn't want any streaking or missing in large areas! I used the mitt they sent and I HIGHLY recommend using that along with your self tanner application! It makes for the perfect even application! I applied the product all over my body and was pleasantly surprised that the smell wasn't too strong at all! I loved that actually, because I tend to stay away from tanning myself when the product makes you smell weird for the next two days... 


I went to bed and woke up to a bronze goddess in the mirror! LOL just kidding but I did love the color! It was such a natural tan (not orangey at all). I showered and the color still stuck around which is always important! I probably could have done a few more coats on my legs but I was feeling it out! 


after one coat


I used Beauty by Earth a few more times and I continued loving it even more! It's so quick and easy and gives a great result! I also loved how hydrating it was for my skin. One of the main natural ingredients is aloe which is very calming and hydrating! YAY! 


I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a natural sunkissed look without the risks of laying out or tanning beds! 




1. Always go easy on your elbows, ankles, feet, hands, knees, and back of knees! I usually use the remainder of what is left on my mitt to go over those areas (in a circular motion!) 

.... that being said don't neglect these areas! 

2. Don't be afraid of two/three coats on the legs!

3. BLEND BLEND BLEND with that mitt 

4. I don't always do my face but when I do I dilute the product I'm using with a little of my face lotion and mix it up and then apply! Makes for a little more of a natural look! Blend into hair line too! (and ears if you wear your hair up) 


BUY YOURS BELOW! I've linked the self tanner separates and the bundle! (better deal for bundle!!)

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