The past few months have been a little CRAZY to say the least! In the beginning of April Ryan decided to ask for his release from the Yankees and headed back to Michigan! Ryan has never not played baseball so when he came home it was a mix of a million feelings! I was so excited to have him home after 7 years of long distance but I was a little nervous for what was to come next! 

Ryan did amazing with his transition and was happy with his decision to hang up the cleats while he still had love for the game. The next decision of his was what his next chapter held. Did he want to continue in baseball? Coach? or jump into the corporate world! 

After a few weeks off he was leaning more towards getting a 9-5 and started interviewing! He interviewed with a few companies and ended up accepting a position at American Axle & Manufacturing in Detroit, Michigan! 


We were both so excited about the decision we had made together and the new journey we were about to embark on! (for those who don't know us -- Ryan and I have NEVER lived together really so moving a few hours away from our hometown and getting our OWN place was super new & exciting.) 

Although we were both very excited, moving away from families and everything we are comfortable with has many different emotions attached. Change can be hard. We both are sooooo close with our families and extremely close with our 3rd roommate (my grandma) and honestly think that will be the hardest part of leaving! 


After accepting the offer we dove right into finding a place in the Detroit area! Let me add, while all of this exciting yet stressful life changes are happening we are STILL planning a wedding! 

SO, this past memorial day weekend we moved into our very own first apartment in Madison Heights, MI. We LOVE the area and is so close to everything and about 15 (ish) minutes away from Ry's work! 

The move went so smoothly thanks to my heaven sent calm Ryan and our amazing supportive families!

I will be working back home throughout the summer leading up to wedding time and Ryan and I will take turns going back and forth on the weekends to visit each other! So only a few more months of (kinda) long distance! Better than a plane ride to see each other tho hahha! 

I wanted to give a little life update because I feel like my blog has taken a back burner the past few months and this is why! All exciting stuff and I am just taking everything in!! It's been so great having Ryan home and starting a whole new chapter of life together! I also have never had a place other than a gross college apartment to decorate and I'm already going a little crazy! IT'S SO FUN!

XO guys, 


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