Hi friends! 

As you all know, skin is one of my passions! Our skin is our biggest organ and ALWAYS changing and I am always trying to find ways to make my skin the best it can be! I feel like I have always struggled with my skin and that is originally why I got into skincare. I finally feel like I am on a skincare routine that is working for ME. 

That being said, everyone's skin is soooooo different and something that may work for me may not work for someone else! I am going to share what I am using on my skin at the moment (and why) but I would also love helping anyone that may have questions about their skin! 

DISCLAIMER: I am human and still get breakouts and feel like I have ginormous pores sometimes so this is by no means me saying I have perfect skin but I like sharing with you guys what products I am loving at the moment!! 


Describing my skin: My skin has changed so much! I used to characterize my skin as super oily and acne prone (small breakouts) and my skin tone was super uneven! I would use anything that would help strip the oil off my skin! Now I would say my skin is VERY combination with random (bigger) breakouts along my chin (hormone & food related.) 


Step 1: I cleanse my skin with the Elina Organics Gentle Botanical Cleanser (Dry/Normal)..... If I am showering in the morning I cleanse in the shower and use Elina Organics Organic Scrub and mix it with my cleanser for exfoliation! really scrubbing the areas with the most congestion (nose/chin)

Step 2: I Use a few sprays of Elina Organics Sanitizing Spray & also a few sprays of Elina Organics Botanical Toner! 

Step 3: I mix a few drops of Elina Organics Omega Serum with MY FAV The Ordinary Hydrating Factors Moisturizer! 

Step 4: I finish with Elina Organics Intensive eye cream (although i'm on the hunt for an even more intense eye cream for these dark bags hahaha! 

Mornings are pretty quick and easy then I apply my makeup! 



Step 1: This is a new thing for me! And its honestly not the best thing to do BUT I use Costco brand makeup remover wipes and remove my makeup (lightly) I do this because I feel like I want my cleanser to ACTUALLY cleanse my skin instead of just "kinda" removing my makeup! So, Kill me but I use makeup wipes for step 1.

Step 2: I use my Elina Organics Botanical Cleanser on my face & NECK! (If I am showering at night I cleanse in the shower with my Elina Organics Organic Scrub) 

Step 3: I apply my Glossier "Solution" all over my skin (THIS IS MY FAV GUYS) great for exfoliation, prevents breakouts, and evens skin tone SO well! 

Step 4: Tone with my Elina Organics Botanical Toner

Step 5: (a few nights a week) I use Elina Organics Probiotic Peel all over the face! ...I let this dry for a few seconds then continue on!

Step 6: I mix a few drops of EO Omega Serum, Elina Organics Antioxidant Night Cream, AND The Ordinary Hydrating Factors Moisturizer (yes, im a cocktail-er and mix everything), then I lather that all over my face!! 

Step 7: Finish with eye cream (you are never too young to start using eye cream so make sure you have that in your regimen!) 

Thats it!!! Not too complicated but I NEVER skip a step! Give your skin some love ladies (& GENTS!).... a little tip! I've recently found out that I am intolerant to dairy and I try to be good at watching my dairy intake but I DO see a change in my skin when I lay off dairy! I can always predict a breakout if I am eating a lot of dairy, sugar or am stressed out! Our skin is a reflection of what we put in it AND how we feel! 

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