So I am writing this blog (selfishly) to have a personal little journal entry of one of the BEST weekends of my life to look back on, but I also wanted to share all of the fun details of the personalized gifts, outfits, and of course what we did and where we went! 


This past weekend 8 of my closest friends/bridesmaids and I took a little trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL to celebrate my "last fling before the ring" but it honestly felt like the best girls trip ever! My good friend Ellie's family was nice enough to let us all stay at their gorgeous home in Florida which worked out PERFECTLY! (thnx el & fam). We tried to make it as affordable as possible so when we landed we went right to the grocery store for food, snacks, and booze (duh). Which I highly recommend if your trying to stay on a budget! 

We went out a few times to eat (LULU's & Shooters) but the rest we ate at home! As far as drinking we did a lot of it by the pool during the day and at night went out to Elbow Room, America's Backyard and Lulu's! All of the bars were so fun! Elbow room was my fav - live band gets me every time. On Saturday we chartered a boat through "Staying Afloat Party Boat" - Fort Lauderdale, FL. At first I was a little skeptical about the boat because it was a little pricey and swimming in the ocean scares me but it ended up being the BEST time. The places we stopped were perfect for swimming, our captain (Miss Sarah Jane) was so much fun & very nice to look at (if you know you know) lol, and Fort Lauderdale is such a gorgeous place to take a boat out! I highly recommend renting a boat if you ever have the chance!! 

All of my girlfriends put so much time and effort into planning such a great trip that I wanted to greet them with a gift upon arrival! I worked with a few Etsy shops that I wanted to share with you guys because we all loved them SO much! All of these ideas are perfect for a Bachelorette Party but also work great for any event!! 

I wanted them to have cute (useful) things to have on our trip so I went with a personalized gift bag, hangover kit, and my personal fav, custom tumblers! We also made custom tanks for our boat day!! 

I am going to link the Etsy Shops that did all of this amazing work! All of these ladies/shops were so nice and easy to work with and HIGHLY recommend them ALL! Thank you all so much! 




The ScriptedShindig's calligraphy is so beautiful and she has so many other items you can personalize! To head to her shop click the photo above! 




These Hangover Kits were perfect because hangovers are my biggest fears on trips like this! I wanted to feel 100% for a new day of drinking so I had to make sure my girls had all the hangover cure necessities! I bought the items inside the bag mostly at the dollar store but I ordered the electrolyte packets & hangover pill on amazon (shoutout to @StassiShroeder) and I will link below! PaperArtScissors makes all kind of cute prints on canvas bags or paper so check her out! (Click photo above to head to shop!)

Yes, these hangover pills actually DO work! ;)




How fun are these hair ties? I added these to the hangover kits because how could I pass up a punny bright colored cactus hair tie? They double as a dent-less hair tie and a cute accessory on your wrist! The ElasticHairBandz shop has SO many fun designs and colors so check them out for any fun little event you have coming up!  




MY PERSONAL FAV!! If you know my love for Bravo you know this has to be my favorite! All my bridesmaids aren't as obsessed with the housewives and Andy Cohen like me but there were a few so that was enough for me haha! Anyway, I couldn't imagine laying by the pool without matching tumblers to keep our cocktails ice cold! Liz with CustomizableDecor123 was so nice to work with and made my vision come to life! She was SO kind she even gave you guys a code for 20% off your orders! (ALYBLOG20) Go check her out! This would be a great gift for any Bravo Fan! She also has tons of other custom design ideas!! 




All of us girls wanted to get tanks for the boat day that were cute but not your typical bachelorette tanks! Terrie @ SaltySloths was so amazing to work with and let me tell her exactly what I had in mind design wise and made it come to life!! The quality of the tanks were amazing and we will all continue to wear these even after the trip! Terrie has so many other fun designs and tees/tanks so please go look at her shop if you are looking for a custom top!




Finding fun gifts and bridal-y white outfits was so fun for me but what really made my Bachelorette weekend SO SWEET were my GIRLS. I am writing this thinking "no one is going to want to read me gushing on my amazing friends" but I really don't care. I had so much fun and have a whole new level of love and gratitude for each and every one of my girls. I will forever remember dancing our butts off at the dive bar, tequila mixers, rainy skinny dips, nonstop singing "better not", tattoos, salty swims, Captain Sarah Jane, drunken stories (about everything), the weirdest uber drivers, Lulu's food tasting TOO good after a long day at sea, and of course Eduardo. I thank you all SO much for being the best friends a girl could ask for and making this past weekend one of the best weekends of my life! I LOVE YOU ALL




A little thank you shoutout - 

Molly, thanks for literally being the best sister and even better MOH. You made this weekend so fun and you are officially the newest & coolest member of our friend group. Seriously, you're so cool don't ever forget it. You know how much I love you "sis" & best friend ;) 

Ellie, thank YOU for making this weekend a real thing! Thank you for planning dinners, and boat days with SJ! You will forever be my beautiful blonde friend/suitemate that is a little ball of fun with a great a** ;)

Paige, thank you for being SO pretty. ok thats it....... JUST KIDDING. I love you too much and I am so thankful for your endless love and friendship. There is no one else I'd rather shake butt with, drink tequila, and have a booty crush on ;) I love you and your genuine kindness you go through life with.

Stephanie, you are the coolest person I know. You have so much positivity and I'm so glad to have such a ray of light in my life and ESPECIALLY in Florida. You tore up the dance floor & by dance floor I mean the top of the bar and it was the best thing ever! Always be you steph because you really are a legend! 

Jane & Helen, I love ya like a sister. Thank you for being Helen all weekend and making us all laugh till our stomach hurt. A night out just isn't the same without a Jane Head banging. Really tho I think of you like a sister (even fight like it) and thank you so much for making this weekend so fun! 

Breanne, you know my obsession with you. I think you are the prettiest, chillest, most put together person I know and I JUST LOVE YA! Thank you for making this weekend so special and creating the cutest game ever!!

Kaitlyn, I am so grateful you were able to come this weekend! I love how close we are and will always cherish that! Thank you for bringing the yummiest tequila and for my amazing dinner at Shooters! You're the best <3

Taylore, Your squinty smile and lanky dancing legs could make even the most hungover bride smile so THANK YOU for getting me up on that bar! But mostly thank you SO much for coming even with the annoying delays! I love you so much and had so much fun with you!!! "ALISHAS GETTING MARRIED" 

OK, I'm done.




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